Within the field of welding, we work with various levels of automation from automatic welding machines to robotic welding workplaces. For manual welding we use TIG, MIG/MAG/WIG, CMT, electric resistance welding, flame welding or CD welding.


  • Commonly welded materials are steel, aluminium, copper and stainless steel.
  • The new CMT technology is preferably used in robotic workplaces. We manufacture and maintain simple welding fixtures in our own tool room, and we outsource the manufacture of complex electrically controlled fixtures for welding robots.
  • Within the robotic welding workplace we have M&P SVAR automatic welding machines and Fronius welding sources with the so-called CMT cold welding technology.
  • We also offer CNC roll bending using a three-cylinder and two-cylinder robotic roll-bender, special calibration of internal diameters is possible. We can also provide spot and manual welding, drilling, re-drilling, threading or a progressive sheet metal joining technology.


Important Projects


Leroy Somer, M.L.S. Holice, s.r.o., a part of Emerson group – welded housings for alternators

Marelli Motori, S.P.A.

welded housings for induction motor and generators, Italy

Gravotech Marking, S.A.S.

frames for engraving machines, France

Vectrix, Sp. z.o.o.

aluminum frames for electric scooters, Poland