logistics and assembly




Part assembly is not strange to us either. We are able to flexibly create special workplaces for different types of assembly in relation to the production of parts and customer requirements. We can provide assembly of subgroups and groups. We also have experience with a wide range of prefabricated assemblies.

We are aware that logistics is the core function of the entire manufacturing company. For this reason, we place great emphasis on the efficiency of the logistics processes that literally drive our company. We manage material and product flows using the FIFO method and in many areas, barcode identification of items makes our work easier. This makes logistics processes smoother, more efficient and much more stable. As part of the development of this area, we are also applying automation, currently in the form of, for example, system stackers for sheet metal, which allows us to use the storage space with maximum efficiency and at the same time minimise handling times.

  • Our team of warehousemen, handlers, dispatchers and drivers take care of the correct, timely and optimal handling of material inventories, inter-operational logistics and, last but not least, the preparation of products for customers and the timely delivery of products to their destination. We deliver according to our customers' requirements, including defined packaging. If necessary, we can take over specific packaging so that the customer can hand over the delivered products for further processing without the need for repackaging.
  • In addition to the Czech Republic, we export to thirteen other countries, either by our own transport or through contracted logistics companies. Our fleet includes FORD Transit (3 LM – load capacity 1.4 t), IVECO Daily (12 LM – load capacity 2.2 t), IVECO EuroCargo (16 LM – load capacity 6.5 t) and IVECO EuroCargo (18 LM – load capacity 10.5 t).