Perfectly organized logistics is surely a backbone of any entire manufacturing plant. On that ground strong emphasis is laid on the efficiency of logistic processes that literally define movements of our complete company. FIFO method governs material and production flows while item barcode identification facilitates our work in many areas. Logistics processes thus become smoother, more efficient and far more resilient in terms of stability.

Our team of warehousekeepers, operators, dispatchers / pickers and drivers takes care of the correct, timely and optimal handling of material stocks, inter-operational logistics and, last but not least, the preparation of products for customers and their timely delivery to the desired destination. 
Our customers are provided with deliveries of the products according to their requirements including defined packaging. If necessary we can take-over specific customer packaging in order the customers may use delivered products directly for further processing without need to re-pack them.
We export to nine European countries using either our own transport or contracted carriers.