Washing and degreasing



Washing and degreasing

We also specialise in washing and degreasing. We offer them as a separate activity, but of course they can also be part of a larger order.


  • We use special PERO equipment to wash the mouldings. We use several SUMMA washers for washing workpieces and we also focus on washing packaging with a BUPI machine.
  • The PERO R2 is a chamber machine for washing mouldings with very strict requirements for technical cleanliness, so-called fine cleaning. We use Dowclene 1601, based on modified alcohols, as a washing medium. The size of the basket to be placed in the device is 608 × 425 × 240 mm, so the maximum size of the product should not exceed this dimension. The capacity of the device is two baskets for one washing cycle.
  • Most of the washing and degreasing projects in this category are automotive mouldings.
  • For washing workpieces where technical cleanliness requirements are not so strict, we mainly use SUMMA carousel washers, but we also have a chamber washer of the same brand. We work with Bonderite 5225 degreaser and then Bonderite 6748 or Bonderite 6764 passivator. Before sending the parts to the customer, we carefully package the products to ensure they are protected against corrosion.
  • We use the BUPI machine for washing packaging material, so-called blister packs. Washing the packaging is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the parts that are subsequently stored in it.

Important Projects

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