Surface Treatment

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Surface Treatment

We provide powder coating with previous alkaline cleaning. We also provide passivation using eco-friendly solution free of heavy metals and phosphate. The paint could be applied either by electrostatic or kinetic procedure (TRIBO).

We apply the color electrostatically or kineticly (TRIBO) in a wide scale of RAL colors available.


Machinery and Products 


  • a line of automatic coating machines 
  • degreasing, passivation, color application and color hardening in a furnace 

  • maximum part dimensions: 500 × 1 300 × 1 000 mm


Important Projects

Siemens, s.r.o.

Busbar Trumking System, Low Voltage division - stamped parts and subassemblies


Leroy Somer, M.L.S. Holice, s.r.o., a part of Emerson group - welded housing for alternators


lighting engineering, Amiens, France, a part of Emerson group - stamped parts and assemblies for the lighting industry