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We provide sheet metal stamping by cold pressing - cutting, bending, drawing, stamping on eccentric and hydraulic presses with feeders.

We offer complex and complete services from cooperation on the cost-effective design of the product, proposal of the system of its manufacture and actual production of the prototype, all the way to implementation of the serial production.

Our technologies include material cutting by CNC hydraulic shears, CNC cutting, CNC bending and rolling.

We produce complex products by CNC stamping combined with plasma cutting, CNC bending machines and wire levelling - production support by Elbee Mobility See for more information. 

We dispose of own tool shop used for the maintenance of the stamping tools. Major repairs and production of new tools is provided by external companies.

Machinery and Products

Eccentric and hydraulic presses


  • ​14 eccentric and hydraulic presses from 10 to 250 tons 
  • input material in coils or straps 

  • maximum dimensions: 2 200 × 1 100 mm, max. clamping: 455 mm 

  • materials: steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum

Shearing machines, bending machines, stamping machines, rolling machines


  • ​cutting: hydraulic CNC shearing machines - max. material thickness 13 mm 
  • bending: eccentric and 6-axe CNC bending machine – maximum length 3 000 mm and minimum bending R=1,5 mm

  • samping: CNC stamping machine - 1 250 × 2 000 mm and maximum shearing force 25 tons

  • rolling: hydraulic rolling machine - max. length 2 000 mm and max. material thickness 12 mm 

Important Projects

Siemens, s.r.o.

Busbar Trunking System, Low Voltage division – stamped parts and subassemblies


Leroy Somer, M.L.S. Holice, s.r.o., branch of Emerson group – stamped parts for alternators

Siemens AG

Regensburg, Low Voltage division – copper parts for the electric industry

ABB, s.r.o.

Brno - stamped components to low-voltage devices

Senior Flexonics

  parts for the automotive industry